Friday, September 25, 2009

Opportunities at the Singularity -- $100k-$200K

This week the 30 year mortgage rates have dipped below the magical 5% according to some experts. (See Real Estate News headlines at the bottom).

Home prices on the other hand are holding steady and this may be the bottom of the bubble since the Federal Reserve and the Fannies and Freddies are aggressively supporting a revival of the market relatively successfully, judging by the shift from surges in refinancing to a surge in new home buying. My client activity matches. The singularity in bubble-bottom, mortgage, and consumer confidence has apparently arrived in our area based on our view of the real estate world.

So here are the best of the approximately 30 top values in Punta Gorda's Suncoast Waterfront area in the $100k-$200k range.

For those who're unfamiliar with our entertainment here, this service is provided for Northern retirees and wanna-be-retirees-someday looking for waterfront homes or trying to get acclimated to the real estate market in Florida with its beautiful, healthy lifestyle. Weekly is our timetable unless some of my clients are in town for personal attention.

This week's findings below will entice your interest. And/or download the rough annotated detail pages in pdf format for more of this week's better quality picks):

On Via Cintia in Punta Gorda Isles:
1368 sqft of luxury, details at my website under C7004272

On Palm Drive in Punta Gorda Isles:
1146 sqft of indoor luxury, details at my website under C7004261

As they say, "That's all folks!" Next week! Auf Wiedersehen.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome to Bob Bare's Waterfront Picks on the Suncoast

These beautiful homes are just come onto the market and based on my 25 years of excitingly successful realty knowledge, they won't last long. This week's features focus on the price range of $250k and are likely to be gone next week anyway, so next week's featured picks will show how deeply the market has opened up treasure for anyone seeking where to put your real estate dollars.

The waterfront site scene will become more scarce as time goes on due to local commitments to restrict development and so these opportunities will perform well for their lucky owners, and strongly compared to the spectrum of Suncoast living. Look at these picks:

And/or download the rough annotated detail pages in pdf format for more of this week's better quality picks):

All under $250k, and all between 1600-2000sf on the waterfront..

On Via Venice in Punta Gorda Isles:
1608 sqft of luxury, details at my website under C7002172

On Rock Creek in Port Charlotte:
2067 sqft of ample luxury, details at my website under C6998467

On Broad Ranch also in Port Charlotte:

1981 sqft of classy luxury, details at my website under C6999822

Dear readers, successful learning counts. After 30 years of successful multistate exciting realty operations, I virtually guarantee you that I can look at a price range, say $250k to $300k or $80k to $95k etc and study the real estate sales sheets, look at the pictures, make notes and pick out the best 5 possible deals out of 20 properties in the region that I am living and working in.

Why? Because I was majorly successful at doing this at my own financial risk, for years. I did guaranteed-sale appraisal's for major builders and guaranteed the sale -- price and timing -- of 100's of homes from 1990 to 2005 before leaving the northern marketplace and returning to my intended southern retirement focus on Florida's Suncoast Waterfront. I want sunshine, fresh air and water, because it's healthy.

This will be the basic service in my Bob'sPicks page, which would be to a buyer's advantage to save time, even though we will be happy to enable that buyer to look at all 20. Obviously, these Picks will not all be my listings, maybe not any of them for the price range in consideration for the week.

Each week's Picks are likely houses that I am previewing for a buyer that is coming into town for their personal home tour with my AllisonJamesInc agent network resources or possibly for one of my ANorthernExposure clients or maybe for you, one of my dear readers.

You will likely have to be able to act quickly for some special apple-of-your-eye because, these best one's will be pending soon. So study your resources. My buyer and other agents' buyers will pick these first.

Since this service is done for my buyers, each week could be any price, area or property type. But you, dear reader, are at least able to get your ideas matched to the best available in the marketplace of fresh air, sunshine and water leisure. And golf!